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LightWORK Solutions has worked with many small & large organizations to automate their business and IT processes, streamline execution and maximize ROI. Our experience and best practices dramatically reduce implementation time and increase returns. Our experts provide hands-on training and knowledge transfer. We offer both onsite and offsite implementation.

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If you are like most computer users, you are probably spending a fair amount of time every day on monotonous, repetitive tasks which you definitely wished you could find a way to get them done automatically. Anything from simple tasks, such as download a file or perform a backup, to complex ones that consist of multiple steps. Save time, eliminate errors and, most important, enjoy watching computers do the work you once used to do manually!

A Few Examples fo Tasks that can Be Automated:

  • Business Processes
  • IT Processes
  • Web data extraction
  • Automate data transfer between applications or files
  • Automate ERP systems
  • Automate documents and data management
  • Automatic Product Reordering
  • Automated Price Negotiating
  • Google Adwords & AdCenter Account Automation
  • Every Repetitive task can be Automated!

Humans are Expensive

It isn’t enough to work hard and think fast. Companies need to plan each step and make the most of their resources, especially when managing scheduling and distribution. Even a well-thought-out schedule for a medium-sized delivery system will include redundancies and wasted effort that cost companies thousands of work-hours a year.

Technology now exists to help companies manage and allocate resources with absolute efficiency. This technology is called decision support software and its use is spreading from trucking and distribution industries, where it was first used, into industries as diverse as, retailers and suppliers, field service management and healthcare.

The latest decision support software enables users to save time and money by more efficiently routing and scheduling their delivery vehicles. A sophisticated support tool can assist businesses with planning of schedules and routes, and respond to rapid and unexpected changes in operations. Current high-end PC-based systems offer route quality, navigable mapping databases, refined analysis and display tools, and user-friendly and intuitive GUIs to optimize distribution operations.

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