Search Engine Optimization

At LightWORK Solutions, we understand how critical online visibility is for the success of companies in today’s business climate.  Usage of the Internet is expanding at an estimated rate of 100% in every country of the world, and growing by as much as 1,000% in others.  With traffic numbers like that, it’s hard to argue that your web presence can give you a truly competitive advantage.  Hundreds of thousands – even millions – of Users each day are looking to find your website because they want to buy your products and services.  Are they finding you at the top of the search engine results?

Contrary to what you might think, it is within your control to design a content-rich, authoritative, easily accessible site for search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  The process of Search Engine Optimization – optimizing site design, code and content so that your site can be found by the automated agents that crawl the Internet – lets you achieve high placement on search engine results pages for keyword phrases that are relevant to your products and services.  This allows qualified traffic to find you – millions of daily search users can see your company URL at the top of their search results, and the traffic is highly targeted, as your site is optimized for phrases that will bring ROI.

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Search Engine Optimization and Beyond

Our suite of SEO services includes:

  • Competitive Analysis - To compete, you have to know who your competition is, and what they are doing on the Internet.  Many times, your “Real world” competition is not the same as your online competition – our website analysis and ongoing research of search engine optimization trends helps you stay on top and outpace your competition.
  • Website Analysis - Your site may need work before an SEO campaign can begin. Our team will analyze the structure of the code on your site, directory structure, 404 error pages, content, and more to make sure that your site is ready to reap the benefits of an extended SEO campaign.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis - An SEO campaign focused on the wrong or incorrect keywords, or those keywords that drive rankings but do not bring ROI, is not an effective campaign.  Our team will analyze your preferred keywords and strategize on how to rank your site for words that bring qualified traffic- not just a blitz of numbers.
  • SEO Strategic Development - Every single SEO campaign is different; there is no “magic bullet” for fast rankings.  We will analyze your site and your competition to best strategize how to bring you qualified traffic- this includes a team of over 150 experts in the field, from copywriters to designers, to coders, to Project Managers.  We use only “white hat” search engine optimization techniques – after all, an authoritative site is no good if it’s banned from Google!
  • Structural Optimization - There are many structural components to your site that might affect your positions on the Search Engines Results pages.  We will look at optimizing your navigation and directory structure so that you get the maximum benefit when the spiders come to your site.
  • Code Optimization - There are many code optimizations that can be affected on a given site, as well.  We’ll make sure that all code is up to current Best Practices, and will maximize the code on the site so that it gets crawled rapidly- load time is an important factor for the search engines, and they need to be able to find your content too.
  • Content Development and Optimization (including Blog Development and Maintenance) – Our team of content writers is world class, and able to produce targeted search engine optimization content for both big and small companies alike, for clients in all sorts of business arenas.  Our team will optimize existing content, and produce new onsite and offsite content to build your brand and authority on the Internet.
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Reporting - Unlike many other SEO companies, reports to its clients twice a month.  This ongoing reporting allows you to have total control over your search engine optimization campaign – you’ll always be able to see everything that LightWORK is doing to increase your rankings.
  • Dedicated Account Manager - One of the most important parts of any successful SEO campaign is communication.  When you sign on with LightWORK, you get a dedicated SEO Account Manager to analyze your site, and the same account manager is then able to meet with you and refine, revise and eventually expand the strategy to meet all of your online business goals.


Your Search Engine Optimization Needs

At LightWORK, we realize that every business is different – your Search Engine Optimization needs will vary based on your goals, budget and revenue objectives.    The initial status of your website is also an important consideration.  We customize every single one of our client’s campaigns, prioritizing the various factors involved in a campaign for maximum ROI to our clients. There’s no one “formula for success”, as Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic concept.  We will look at your business, your site, and your competition to determine the best plan of action for your success through SEO.

We have a program for every company, be they a small online business or a Fortune 500 corporation.  We are personally involved in our clients’ successes and at the end of the day; we feel that our SEO campaigns will deliver rankings that result in returns.

Our company strives to stay on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization technology, as well.  Did you know that Google tweaked its algorithm for assigning sites spots on the Search Engine Results pages over 400 times last year?  LightWORK’s staff, with decades of combined experience doing SEO campaigns, is able to stay on top of the trends and conduct research and statistical analysis to make sure that your site ranks where it belongs.  We have the time and expertise to rank your site and keep it ranked.

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