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Since it’s inception, the iTunes App Store has been an unstoppable force, propelling the iPhone™ into iconic status. We live in the smartphone revolution and the iPhone™ leads the charge thanks in no small part to the incredible breadth of applications available for it.

As iPhone application developers and designers, we are excited every day by how unique every project is and how much creativity is out there. We look forward to helping you build your project.

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iOS5™ and iPhone 4s™ development

Mercury Development has extensive experience developing applications that capitalize on the iOS operating system. We are well positioned to take advantage of the iPhone 4s to build applications featuring more complex custom graphics and improved data visualization. Benefit from the iPhone 4s improved CPU and graphics capabilities, as well as the new 8 megapixel camera!


iPad™ Development for App Store

Many businesses find it attractive to supplement their marketing efforts with a promotional iPad™ application. Hardware manufacturers can increase the awareness and user satisfaction with development of iPad™ apps that would report the status of, or directly control their hardware. Services can be delivered directly to customers through the Android™ devices. Book publishers search for new ways to monetize their content with interactive books for iPads.

  • Creating innovative interfaces while adhering to Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Native iOS applications taking advantage of the full iOS SDK power
  • Rapid conversion of Flash applications to iPad with speed and power consumption optimization
  • Development of robust in-app purchase functionality to increase sales
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