Inventory Solutions

Do you have a website for your business? Good.

Are you leveraging its power to accelerate your business? Even Better.

Have you mobilized your business with advanced tools to track inventory, manage costs, and improve your organization’s efficiency?

Let’s get started. LightWORK has experience creating web-based software to optimize your businesses’ workflow. Utilizing your already existing web-based infrastructure allows for rapid development of Inventory Management systems with immediate benefits.

Benefits of a custom Inventory System

  • Manage vendor relationships.
  • Respond to shifts in demand faster.
  • Analyze trends for more accurate forecasting.
  • Free up warehouse space, reducing inventory cost.
  • Identify bottlenecks, focusing efforts on the largest problems.

The LightWORK Solution

LightWORK’s people have experience both in owning & operating their own businesses, as well as working with companies to build a web-based software infrastructure from the ground-up.

The focus of development is automating redundant tasks, increasing throughput, improving relationships with vendors and customers, and empowering employees to perform.


Many Inventory management tasks come down to redundant work: placing purchase orders when inventory levels are low, entering data such as sku’s, and handling the processing and packaging of orders.

LightWORK can help automate all of these tasks, in effect multiplying your employees productivity by an order of magnitude.

Increased Throughput

LightWORK focuses on key bottlenecks that can be systematically automated and/or removed. A natural by-product of this is a more efficient workflow. LightWORK has consistently seen a dramatic increase in throughput as a result of this focus.

Improved Vendor Relationships

Many aspects of a vendor-customer relationship can be automated and/or improved. Sometimes it means adding an Advanced PO system. Other times it calls for integration of a barcode system. Each case is unique, and LightWORK is dedicated to studying the workflow and creating tools to improve communications, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

Empowered Employees

LightWORK uses methods that has been proven tried and true in their own business endeavors, along with their customers’. Whenever energy and talent is focused on improving the workflow and automating redundant tasks, the employees are freed to focus on what’s important. The inevitable result is employees empowered to serve the customer and improve the business.

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