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As smart organizations continue to shift marketing dollars to the web, it becomes increasingly important for them to understand the strategies and tools involved in implementing an effective internet marketing plan.

LightWORK Solutions has produced three unique programs in attempt to accommodate businesses with different needs within the consulting realm. It begins with an assessment consisting of an in-depth look at your competition, and your industry overall, to uncover how they are behaving and fairing in the online marketing space.  This research and analysis will help us to formulate a strategic approach for your company that will ensure you utilize online marketing to its fullest, differentiate yourself online and reap optimal results.


PPC Consulting Service Program

LightWORK’s PPC Program is designed for companies that are new to PPC advertising, but plan to manage the click campaign themselves. We ensure your ad click program is set up correctly from the start and help your staff move quickly up the learning curve.

The PPC Program quickly provides you with an active click campaign and teaches your staff the skills, knowledge and tools to create, manage and track your pay per click campaigns. LightWORK Solutions works with you to establish the proper success metrics, tracking, testing and continuous improvement process to proactively manage your pay per click program.We can even help you identify and implement the best organization and process structure to support your new pay per click campaign. Very few pay per click advertising management companies are qualified to help with this part of a click campaign.


PPC Boost Consulting Service Program

The PPC Boost Program is designed to boost the performance of your current PPC campaign whether it is managed by you or an outside PPC management company.Sometimes, a flailing pay per click campaign just needs more attention; a different strategy; a new perspective; or a combination of strategic and tactical changes to boost performance. LightWORK conducts a detailed review of your current PPC advertising program to identify opportunities for improvement.

Some of the key campaign components we review include:

• Campaign structure
• Success metrics
• Ad positioning
• Landing page selection and design
• Keyword phrase strategy
• Daily budget
• A/B or multivariate testing
• Most Important! Easy reporting!


PPC Transition Consulting Service Program

If you decide to transfer management of your PPC campaign from an outside firm to your own “in-house” resources, LightWORK will assist with your transition. The PPC Transition Program helps you develop a transition plan to take control of your PPC program with minimal disruption.

The tasks involved in the Transition Program are very similar to our programs and are customized based on your specific situation. The PPC Transition Program takes 45-90 days depending upon your objectives, resources and campaign complexity.

Perhaps you have recently learned that lack of interactive marketing expertise can be debilitating, first manifesting itself in the planning stages, and then trickling down to impact individual tactics- and transitively, the lukewarm, or cold results. Or maybe you are relatively happy with your online results, but just want to know if there is something else out there for you and your business.  And that is precisely where LightWORK Solutions can come in.

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